Atelier 688 is a one stop Art and Design studio located in Toronto’s Art district of Queen West. Taking the traditional notion of the French salon, or ‘Atelier,’ which mimicked a home interior to allow one a better feeling of how the art might work in a home environment, Atelier 688 was opened as an alternative to the now commonplace idea of gallery as a white cube.

Located in an art district warehouse loft Atelier 688 showcases the work of local Canadian artists and designers with a leaning towards the use of reclaimed and vintage materials. The Design team at Atelier 688 includes: Zac Ridgley (metalwork and lighting,) Michael Greenwood (fine woodwork,) the Brothers Dressler (unique woodwork,) Bradley Dention (interior design, vintage finds,) and Matthew Hunter. From smaller, unique, works right on up to full interiors and house or cottage builds Atelier 688 can do it all!